Lely Welger Tornado

The Lely Welger Tornado winding combination of xyz spain now for LS13 and real silage bales.
Not only converts to LOGFEHLERFREI LS13 but also thoroughly revised.
The operation has been significantly cleaned up and the scripts made LS13-capable. I also could not help but incorporate some improvements.

The tornado runs as in LS11 on the standard LS script, so produces real-LS13 bales.
In addition, the winding combination uses the new opportunities LS13 data structure for bales as genuine content and quantity of fruit.
The BALE PRESS produced from grass and hay (for ease of processing with the standard feed mixer).
Wheat and barley straw be compressed to the appropriate straw bales. All other Schwadfr├╝chte be converted in preparation for new fruit varieties to wheat straw.

The winding combination was much easier to use.
To wrap bales now brings for the first time in the game real benefits:
Straw bales are better preserved by wrapping. To simulate the reduced losses to the available amount of straw bales increased by 20%.
Hay and grass bales, however, to be REAL SILAGE BALES! I.e. if you give these bales in the feed mixer, then its content will be counted as silage.

This works also in Courseplay, but you have to watch that you’re not pressed bales faster than the combined might wrap.
MP is not tested, should work on the basis of MP-capacity output of all scripts, however. With understandable feedback for error descriptions I am grateful.
Or what is still missing: Variable bale chamber size (real feature of the Tornado). In addition, the script for the turn tiller is currently disabled.

The mod consists of TWO ZIP files. Along with the actual mod from baler and wrapper there is a small ZusatzMOD “MultiBale”. Whose function is solely as a guide to save and load the contents into a little ball and orderly paths collide in any way with the normal LS13 scripts.


Modell: Xyzspain
Script: Xyzspain
ingame: Xyzspain/Ursus1234
1zu1: ursus1234
ls13: upsidedown

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