Gaz 53 Pack

Gaz 53 Pack

GAZ-53 is one of the most famous and popular Soviet truck. It Refers to a family of 3 generations of medium-duty trucks. Produced since 1959 (series production since 1961) and up to the beginning of 1993 at the Gorky Automobile Plant. With his massive Modifications what the truck in the USSR.

In Pack:

Avtomobal GAZ – 53

Tankers for the transport of milk and water

Tankers for the transport and refueling

dumping platform

Platform for refueling drills and fertilizer spreaders


Modell/Textur: Du-mont, Garmash,
Dronklim, Mont, TruckerStas, DON-1500
Edit 2013: Silak_68, werik

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