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Vojvodina SPECIJAL v 2.0

Vojvodina SPECIJAL

Vojvodina SPECIJAL

Vojvodina SPECIJAL

Vojvodina SPECIJAL

Vojvodina SPECIJAL

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The map of Vojvodina SPECIAL includes:

new animals – pigs, beef, new crops – soybeans and sunflower, manure mod, milk mod, mod for water – sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, wool mod, scales, food mixer, fixed PDA. New dealer Gebi, selling point for hay and straw, for manure, slaughterhouse for pigs and beefs. Small airport, airplane, traffic lights, train, lighting comercials. We also changed the texture – soil, corn, sugarbeet, wheat, grass, barley, trees and country roads. At the start you get 33 ha planted land and new vehicle awaiting you.

This is pack of mods, you need to unpack it.

Pack Includes:

-Vojvodina SPECIJAL map v2.0

Starting vehicles:

-Combine “multifruit”: Zmaj 142 with 3 heders for maize, wheat, barley, rape, sunflower and soybean
-Trailers: Zmaj 489 multi and FAK Loznica also multi, Krampe Pig and Beef transporter, trailer for transporting milk.
-Sowing machine: Amazone maisdrille with 12 rows added option for seeding sunflower and soybean

Other important mods:

-Placeable Stop selling milk mod
-Real night mod (This mode is required to complete the pleasure of playing at night)
-Map door trigger
-Map Ampeln (this mod is requires that traffic lights will work)
– Guelle Mist Mod

If you have a ertrag and pda fix mod in your mods folder, please remove it because map allready have them included. Texture of the water in river is reduced to a minimum due to the superior performance of the game.


Official Serbian modding team
Team 6


4.8/5 - (20 votes)


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  1. John Salmon

    Please convert to FS15.

  2. zoli

    please convert to farming simulator 2015

  3. nikola

    namestite da bude za FS 2015 stvarni je dobram mapa
    Najbolja od svih.
    Zbog nje sam se vratio da igram FS 2013.

  4. aljosa

    Odakle da skinem class kombajn koji je koriscen u klipu?

  5. jack

    Why i can’t open metal doors of the big house in the farm? what is the right key?

  6. dejan

    ne radi mi 🙁

  7. Anonymous

    ne radi mi sta da radim pomoc molimm

  8. Anonymous

    Svaka cast ekstra mapa

  9. ChinaMan

    Momci svaka cast,drago mi je sto je neko sa balkana napravio toliko dobru mapu.
    Samo tako nastavi te!!!

  10. Nikola

    Kako da se dovrsi ucitavanje mape, posto imam problem sa ucitavanjem i izbaci mi na radnoj povrsini ”GIANTS Engine je prestao sa radom”?
    Pomoc, molim vas.
    Vojvodina SPECIJAL V 2.0

  11. legion


  12. ik3197hhggjdf

    Kako pokrenuti mapu

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