Moin together,

Here I present you my 2 Trans-space available.

First: I want to get anybody step on the feet! Should anyone have anything against this upload, then I will delete it immediately …

The two come from Joskin LS09 and were used by me in private LS11.
I’ve now rewritten for LS13 and hope you like them.

There is no LOG error!

Models: 8000 7000 Trans-Space and Trans-Space

Capacity: 45000 & 55000 liters

Features: Body variable with variable quantities (key 7)

Fruits: wheat, barley, corn, canola, grass, chaff, sugar beet and potatoes

I wish you much fun with this mod 🙂


Reifen: NH G240
Textures: jd4650
In-Game: Dzanito
Edit: Dzanito
VeriableBody & VeriableTip: fruktor
LS2013: Hobbybauer

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