Dear LS community,

suitable for rubber car, I also have a version of the Lanz Bulldog D7506 for you!

Thank Mr.Fox , for permission to upload your mod changed!

I quote Mr.Fox times :

I präsantiere pride : my Lanz D 7506 for LWS 2013.

What’s New : The most important aspect of conversion was the adjustment of proportions.

Each of the lance pack has downloaded here on MH , and knows the 09er original model ,

know that the mod of the relative proportions here is far from original .

I tried to fix, and I think that’s me did a good job 😉

Term balances were also ” beautification work ” performed on the vehicle .

There are several AdStrips been added , which will surely enhance the tractor.

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Functions / features:

< A nice little gimmick: in the cab of a direction of rotation is animated display , it was the original tractor used to indicate to the driver that the engine was running in the correct direction of rotation , which in Glühköpfen was not always the case.

< Numpad key indicators on 1/2/3

< Throttle limiter script on numpad key 9/6

< Particle Realistic Exhaust System


Some will ask, ” What is this Lanz from the total package has a realistic startup ? ” This: I do not think much of this function , I respect the work of the user who scripted it , but the reaction in some respects is not just very well done , I also need a tractor runs and not endless ( pointless ) offers functions , I have refrained .

The tires : I ‘ve often heard in images to the tractor : are the tires are not just beautiful and Optimal. In addition I have the following commitments : It’s hard for good tires raise a lance . The Lanz Bulldog has something ” exotic ” wheels, and I think I’ve found the best present a ” last resort ” . If a good 3D designer would explain willing to provide me good tires for disposal , I would accept offer .

In this tug I felt especially about finally having a lance ran the well comes from the forth to the original proportions . The original model is now times not very good for that matter, and there’s no shame . I have tried to improve the proportions that he come close to the original , and I think that’s not so bad I succeeded .

Mfg. MrFox ”

What have I done ?

1 einblendbares added a roof and the seat with tool box

2 imposable added helpers on the drawbar

3 Added animated PTO shaft

4 Added roads and field dust

5 Wheel King added . Tractor destroyed when driving through the fields to harvest its lane

6 sounds changed

7 Swapped front wheels and steering animated

8 Added trailer hitch front

9 animated exhaust flap added .

10th Manual ignition added .

hmmm …. I think that’s it !

I hope you like it !

Have fun with it !


3D Modelle: Hawk2.7, Giants, Pfreek, Michl², Harvey (MrFox), Jughaid, schwaki
Scripte: Giants, Sven777b, Modelleicher, MR X., fendtfahrer(95), schwaki
Sounds: Harvey (MrFox), schwaki
Umbau, neuingaming: schwaki

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