Rubber car

Rubber car

Dear LS community,

the TMT team has brought me with her milk cans cars on the idea of building a car for Vintage Milk Can executor. The first Version unfortunately had to be taken out, as the basic vehicle came from the Classics pack. So I built myself a brand new and expanded equal him kräftigst.

What can this trailer?

1 can bring their milk in cans to the dairy itself or Kuh-/Schafzucht.

2 can load the following types of fruit: potatoes, wheat, rape, maize and sugar beet, but not with normal fruit tarp, but packaged in bags!

3 equipment or bales can be transported, without attacher, but the things are kept by the flaps, if you reasonably neat ride! 😉

The log is error-free, at least for me :-))

Were installed cronies following:

Lighting V3.1


Extra-wheel (careful, you ride with the trailer through an ordered field is destroyed the harvest in the width of the trailer! stop like in real life.)

-animimation (flap can be opened, while also moving the hook)

Milk transport (otherwise the whole would not even work)

Further receiving are a few gadgets installed:



and a bucket of moves in the trip.

I would like to thank again all the modders here who have released your scripts to use their mods or could I use as inspiration.

I hope that he likes. Have fun with it!


Modname: Gummiwagen
Autoren: Schwaki (Gummiwagen),
Marhu, HatzFan und -Kolbenfresser- (Milchfunktion)
Datum: 08/2013


Eigenbau schwaki
Milchfunktion von HatzFan, Marhu und -Kolbenfresser-

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