Long Castle

Long Castle

Long Castle

Long Castle

Long Castle

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Hello community,

First of all I want to say that this description serves to collect information on the map, in order to later avoid completely unnecessary Commission. Otherwise I sparre me the next time the writing and then also disable the comment section.
So, read first, then view pictures, then download, then play and then write them in the comment section, or me all this is well worth a THANKS via PM and maybe.

Now here the long castle v2 multi-fruit with rye, oats, sunflower, millet and spelled

Here the most important thing right at the beginning because the rest again, nobody reads anyway and prefer spams the Commission with unnecessary questions fully.

In the map some mods installed (milk-Mod, Mod Water, light mod, manure-sale) and are therefore highly recommend you to download folgenes, so you can play the map properly.
mod pack: https://www.ls2013.com/farming-simulator-2013/mod-pack-long-castle.html
– Water Trailer large: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/grosser-wassertrailer
– Water Trailer small: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/kleiner-wasserwagen-fur-cowwatermod–2
– AmpelMod: http://www.mod-portal.com/forum/index.php?page=DatabaseItem&id=93- manure transporters: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/gulletransporter–2- milk transport: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/milchtransporter- long castle v2 ModPack:

What has been changed or added in the long castle v2:

– Grass texture
– Pebbles texture
– Conveyor belt for the cow dung
– Cows no longer freeze the feed trough
– Milk and charging station for sale
– The Kuhsilos green silage trailer with tire cover
– For all silos can now unload and selieren also normal grass
– Made slightly hilly fields
– New crops (sunflower, spelled, millet, rye, oats) inserted
– Due to changes in the landscape and multi-fruit, the PDA has been revised
– New sty with pigs
– New Stable, UV-old had errors
– Outdoor stock increased and the crop varieties adapted (unloading signposted)
– Bale to Manure
– Clip Distance reduced
– WaterMod inserted
– In the greenhouses increased the yield from 50 to 250 euros, as well as the capacity for water and manure
– Pro railway only one train
– A chaff (chaff) silo storage was built.
– The WaterMod is at the cows in the pasture with a small stable.
– Drive through halls placed.
Built warehouse for straw and hay bales –
– Bridge the Court was widened

What was deleted or removed:

– All Figures
– All cars in parking lots
– Hives
– Blitzer
– Savings Bank
– Everything that makes light (spots, fluorescent tubes, etc.)
– A few trees away.
– Info icons were removed

I have covered almost all suggestions from you what you have written in the V1 to the Commission.
Sure, I just forgot to mention one or the other, but you can find it out everything when you play the map.

Short info about the map:

The transport-Mähmissionen are preserved in the map, so you can look at the beginning to earn some money.
The horseshoes are also still with us and scattered on the map.
The rot / wither is disabled.

In the map of WaterMod V2 is installed, as a bale of crap trigger and the milk mod.
There is a large nursery with some greenhouses.

There are a few watering holes in the map, where you can fill your trailer.
Only the river provides free water (near the mill).

Selling points of the map:

Pig: potatoes, sugar beet, chaff, corn
Horse: oats, millet
Station: potatoes, sugar beet, wheat, barley, canola, corn
Lidl: potatoes, sunflower, millet, spelled, oats, rye, wool
BayWa: potatoes, sugar beet, wheat, barley, canola, corn, spelled, oats, millet, sunflower, rye
Industry: rape, manure, sugar beet
Garden: sunflowers, chaff, manure, rape, oats
Mill: rye, wheat, spelled, millet, barley, sunflower
Chickens: wheat, barley, rye, spelled, corn
BGA: canola, wheat, barley, maize

Fields and prices:

Field No. Field Field ha Price

Field 1 3.16 € 266,017
Field 2 9,21 € 776,024
Field 3 5,44 € 458,457
Field 4 2,68 € 226,168
Field 5 2,27 € 191,462
Field 6 2,45 € 206,189
Field 7 2,78 € 234,261
Field 8 3.25 € 274,177
Field 9 2,80 € 236,141
Field 10 4,10 € 345,885
Box 11 3.21 € 270,472
Field 12 3.58 € 302,030
Field 13 2.13 € 179,483
Field 14 3,49 € 293,882
Field 15 4.46 € 375,852
Field 16 5.35 € 450,908
Field 17 3,30 € 278,344
Box 18 4.58 € 386,014
Box 19 3.41 € 287,471
3.94 Section 20 € 331,834
Field 21 7,15 € 602,368
Box 22 4.11 € 346,271
Field 23 5,41 € 456,198
Box 24 3.01 € 253,773
Field 25 3,33 € 280,538
Field 26 8,83 € 744,455
Field 27 8,03 € 676,931
Field 28 10,79 € 909,766
Field 29 5,43 € 457,353
Field 30 5,14 € 433,492

I have the box set price per hectare at € 84,300, so you can not buy the same 2-3 boxes at a time.
Finally, one should also make it so. In addition, there are smaller fields, with which you can start.

Anyone who has read this far, thanks, got thumbs up.

I wish a lot of fun playing.


Bullenstall by Mario
Futterlager by Ganelcer
Hühnerstall by Ganelcer
Gewächshaus by agrorepa
Hallensets by ni_modding
Ampeln by Bluebaby210
Industrieanlage by LWS Terminator
Steinmauer by majo84
Förderbänder by Marhu
InfoTrigger by [FSM]Webby
BaleToManure by Rafftnix
WaterMod by Marhu