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AGS Map V 1.3.2 [MP]

AGS Map Final
Hello dear friends of LS13
Have again the AGS map slightly modified.
What’s new?
The farm was rebuilt kommplet and verkleintern something.
In addition to the courtyard you find a warehouse for all produced erzeugnise.
Kraftfutterwerk now neu.Benötigt compound feed, corn and soybeans Kaftfutter you need for the animals: pigs, cattle, horses, geese, rabbits and Zuchtschafe.Die now nehmmen no more compound feed to get to 100% but Kraffutter.
New dairy, now gets milk, plums and Kirschen.Raus gets her dairy products.
New flour mill in the industrial park, the mill gets wheat, barley and rye gets her out then the flour needed her for the bakery.
Newly Granini is a Saftfabrik.Die gets water, apple and pear juice and then comes out.
A new sugar factory eingebaut.Durch duty of beet sugar then you get.
The sugar can store it or bring the bakery.
Some new things are yet to come with, but I do not really reveal too much, you simply load surprise.
At the start you have einkleinen fleet should reach the first time for the beginning.
For all those who have played until now the AGS map, you unfortunately have to start a new Spielstandt.

Mods you need:

Root crops
Multi Fruit Mod
For fruit
MultiFruitUtil Mod
seedCleaner Mod


Gebäude:Bigblue & Herbert61

2.9/5 - (8 votes)


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  1. OldDave

    This is a very nice map. However, one problem. When you plant, the crops do not show up on the big map view. The fields just appear to be empty? But the crops are there. No way to tell if the fields are ripe other than go to the field. I’ve never seen this issue in any map over the years. Also, at the beginning some fields show they were planted, the ones with Rape. Two others don’t show anything, but were actually planted; one with Rye the other with Spelt. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

  2. Iker

    Hola buenas. Quiero saber con que cosechadora se recoge la spelta y la red cabbage y white cabbage?

  3. Iker

    hola otra vez. me gustaria saber con que trailer puedo recoger el zumo granini.

  4. roman


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