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SpiWoo Burgenland Map V 1.3 [MP]

This is an extended version of Spiwoo country V16.3
The map has been slightly changed and the fields have been changed in size and shape, more trees were set and applied waters also partially the buildings were changed slightly, and new ways and through trips were also created and installed new textures.

The SpiWoo_Burgenland is a map that Multifuit and multiplayer capable.

For Multi Fruit of this mod is to be found here to download necessary.

The Spiwoo_Burgenland the name says it all on the map you will find four castles that were built on the Map.

Also there’s water on the Map in abundance, there are applied some lakes and Tüpel.

On Maprand a bay was created with a sea view.

There were NO extras like Holzmod and too many fruits on the map installed because we wanted to have a map that is functional and you can also play without interference.

So which one also not special mods needed to play.

The Wither on the Map has been turned off, so no stress at work.

On the map you will find a farm with cows, pigs with feed stores and Fahsilos, shelters, meadows with grass to mow enough because that grass on the map is everywhere mähbar.

On the cow bw. Pig farm located two silos, a manure silo, manure pile, feed storage and pond with Wassermod to provide the animals with water.

the straw for the animals must be sprinkled directly into the stable.

In chickens, we have omitted that were always run over by a tractor.

The map got the smoke your tractor properly once shapeless hilly fields with islands, lakes and mountains.

The fields are partially planted and harvested your first harvest can be able to earn you cash before you buy them, fields that are not serviced you have to buy first.

When agricultural machinery store you can next to the main entrance of the fields on the basis of purchase symbols central purchase.

There are built the standard fruits, and sunflower, oats, green wheat and rye.

Furthermore, a dealer is on the Spiwoo Burgenland Map in which you can sell everything, or their outsourced everything a silo where located right on the main courtyard, sheep for the production of wool are placed there.

For all biogas friends there is also a very nice scale biogas plant with plenty of space where a silage mountain and two silos waiting for fresh silage and a heating station where you can make money out of straw.

So far everything has been said, the map was originally from schlucke_87 built and offered with the name Gulp Map 3.1 can be downloaded here, we have the Genhmigung he obtained the map to expand and upload here.

The map wirklick runs great, we have spent about 600 hrs on the map and the map still further.

In multiplayer we have played this map see without any problems fixed approximately 70 hours, you should really find fault anywhere on the map, you can send us but they also like to tell.

We wish you a lot of fun, success and fun with our map, nice greetings that SpiWoo_Modding_Team.



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