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Mobile Foderband v 1.0 [SP]

Mobile Foderband

This is a mobile Föderband, you can overload the unit with almost all materials. For example, when the corn crop can tilt the shredded material in conveyor belt and then overloaded on such a truck.

The conveyor belt has no precedent, because in the “real” sin most also mark: DIY.

I look forward to your suggestions for the V2 and also a range of feedback, but I will here have no pointless un dunbegründeten comments. Besides, you do not need me to point out error log, as these are probably irrelevant, because the game runs perfectly with this space, Mod


Num 8: Work mode

Num5: working light


Besonderer Dank geht an Marhu, von ihm stammt das Conveyorunload script
LS 2013 Farmer
TeilModel: Giants

The conveyor belt works without which it is hitched!

4.7/5 - (6 votes)


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