MPU 150

Archive: two headers ( HA -6 for the harvesting of wheat , barley and grass ; FE- 295 for corn silage ) and a platform for the selection of the pick rolls of straw and grass.
Removes : wheat grass barley grass_windrow wheat_windrow barley_windrow dryGrass_windrow maize chaff dryGrass.
Management: In – include header , pickup , shredder ; K- selection include straw ; Z- choice that will fly into the body , or grass silage , harvesting grass and silage first switch button “G” on the pipe , then turn on the unit with a header key ” In ” ; straw for the selection switch on the pick button ” G “, then turn on the straw using the” K ” , well and include pick- key” B “. Wage worker only works on harvesting corn .


МПУ-150: shnurok, balogh2003
Платформа подборщик: shnurok
ЖУ-6: scholl
FE-295: Charly_99

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