Vorpommern Map

Vorpommern Map

Vorpommern Map

Vorpommern Map

Vorpommern Map

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Dear LS community,

Since the request to the V2 is so great I have now decided to bring but the V2 Beta for download.
I have not quite finished the splines only half but I guess with your help we can create a final version soon 😉

I guess everyone knows the Vorpommern Map and knows how it is structured 😉 I was very happy that so well received at the map you 😉

what has been done?

Was made:

Detailed farm-
Road signs and traffic
External storage has been improved there now you can tilt to a general collection and pick the corn again with the shovel out of the halls.

Well, and what else you see so 😉

I would like to take this opportunity to wool crown and Jörgen123 for the refinement of this map 😉

I wish you have a lot of fun on the map and would appreciate a Empehlung 😉


Stefan8624 – Maperbauer
Jörgen123 – Details
Wolle,Krone – Außenlager